Blackstone Site Photos

Satellite image of Blackstone Radar Site
A satellite image of the radar site at Blackstone, Virginia. The line of 20 poles towards the top of the image provide the support for the main array of 16 folded dipole antennas. The main array serves as both a transmitting and receiving array and provides the radar with the majority of the data. The line of 8 poles towards the bottom of the image provides support for the interferometry array, which is a receive-only array that provides elevation information about the received scatter. The hut in the center of the image houses the radar electronics. This image is believed to have been obtained on 31 December 2008.

A side view of the Blackstone radar site. Image take 12 November 2008.

Detail of Blackstone Radar main array antennas and reflecting wire. The reflecting wire is required in order to make the radar transmit and receive in north-westerly directions only. Image take 12 November 2008.