Interactive ASI Plotting - Movie

Hemisphere Year Month Day Start Hour Start Minute End Hour End Minute
All-Sky ImagerAltitude (km)ZA Cutoff (deg)Absolute Intensity (Rayleighs)Limb Effect
Resolute Bay Min Value: Max Value: Correct Limb Effect
TEC ParameterScale (TECU)
Total Electron Content Min Value: Max Value:
Median Filtering
Apply Median Filtering Lat/Lon Bin: Start Lat: Threshold:
XRange: YRange:
Rotate map by: deg. (clockwise)
Convection Map
Plot Convection Map Plot Heppner-Maynard Boundary Plot Day/Night Terminator
Radar Measurements
Plot Radar Measurements Select All
OMTI Data Inventory

This work was supported by NSF award number IIA-1310774 and a Virginia Space Grant Consortium graduate research fellowship. Please contact Dr. Kazuo Shiokawa and Dr. Keisuke Hosokawa before using any Resolute Bay OMTI data in a conference presentation or journal submission. For keograms and other figures please visit the data browser at

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