DaViT Tutorials

Here at VT we use a variety of IDL functions to analyze and visualize data. Specifically, we have combined the Radar Software Toolkit (RST) and the THEMIS IDL routines, with radar data plotting routines from Leicester, UK, to form a powerful set of tools which we refer to as DaViT (Data and Visualisation Toolkit).

DaViT was developed on a Linux platform, and should in theory work on MacOS (never been tested), but not on Windows.

This website provides answers to some How-do-I... questions when using DaViT. If you have any questions not answered here, contact us.
Please note that all the answers in this section assume that you work on a Linux-type computer.

Installing and Running DaViT
How do I...
... get DaViT?
... install DaViT?
... run DaViT?
... use the RST together with DaViT?
... run DaViT at VT?
... get DaViT to access my data?
How do I...
... find that function which name I forgot?
Reading Radar Data
How do I...
... read fitACF/fitEX files?
... read grd/grdEX files?
... read map/mapEX files?
How do I...
... plot a range-time plot of radar data?
... redirect graphic output to a PostScript?
... plot a timeseries plot of radar data?
... plot a FFT of a timeseries of radar data?
... plot a fan/scan of radar data?
... plot multiple panels on one page?
... plot multiple radar scans on one map?
... overlay the data I downloaded from somewhere on a map?
... get the footprints in the previous example from?
... plot a map, overlay THEMIS all-sky imager and radar data?
Radar File Issues
How do I...
... create my own fitACF/EX files?
... create my own grd files?
... create my own map files?