Jiamusi East, China (46.82 N, 130.40 E)

The Jiamusi radar was developed by the National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is deployed in Changfa town, Jiamusi city, China. The geographic coordinates of the radar site are 46.8◦N, 130.5◦E (41.8◦N,155.1◦W in Altitude Adjusted Corrected Geomagnetic magnetic coordinates). It looks to the northeast with a boresight azimuth of 44◦ in geographic coordinates. The first-light data of the Jiamusi radar was received in January 2018.

Designed as a kind of SuperDARN radar, it follows the basic design principles of SuperDARN radars. Compared with most existing SuperDARN radars, the notable innovation in the Jiamusi radar is the application of the Field Programmable Gate Array-based digital beam forming (DBF) technique in hardware design of the radar system. The application of the DBF technique allows much more flexible beam direction steering than the previous time delay steering. To achieve the required DBF accuracy, real-time internal calibration is carried out to keep the transmitter/receivers phase consistency. Just as the middle-latitude SuperDARN radars deployed in the Unites States, Jiamusi radar utilized the twin-terminated folded dipole antenna with corner reflector. The antenna array consists of a main array of 16 elements and an interferometric array of 4 elements.

Dr. Jiaojiao Zhang of the National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences is the PI for the Jiamusi East radar.

Jiamusi Radar Field of View Map


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