Kapuskasing, Canada (49.39 N, -82.32 E)

The SuperDARN radar at Kapuskasing is almost as old as some of our graduate students. It saw first light in July 1993 along with its common-volume partner at Saskatoon. The orginal PI for the radar was Ray Greenwald. The current PI is Mike Ruohoniemi. Some of the SABRE towers and antennas for this site were provided by the decommisioning of the CNRS/LPCE radar in Schefferville. The analog receiver was replaced with a digital receiver in 200X.

The Kapuskasing radar was first maintained locally by Mr. Glen Lauder. He was succeeded Mr. Alain Morvan. The work is now performed by Mr. Ghislain Leboeuf.

The site also hosts a THEMIS GBO all-sky camera from the University of Calgary.
Kapuskasing Radar Field of View Map


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