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Welcome to the Operating Software Working Group (OS-WG)! The mandate of this working group is to provide oversight, advice, and counsel regarding the software that runs the SuperDARN radars.

Communications amongst the members of the OS-WG are maintained via the Leicester server via the darn-oswg mailing list. Access the mailing list page via

http://lists.le.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/darn-oswg(external link)

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What's New

> Julian has proposed this radar id info for the radar that will be built in Longyearbyen (Svalbard):

numerical id: 90 3-letter id: lyr

The location is 78.15 N and 16.05 E (deg).

This request is out for comment to the OS-WG.

> Kevin S. has reported that the GC214 and GC314 Echotek digital receiver cards, which are in use at most of the radars, are going obsolete. Final purchases must be made by June 30, 2015.

Suggestions for replacement inlcude the Ettus N200 with an LFRX daughterboard (U Sas) or going to a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) system such as a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP).

SDW 2015

> Bill says that they are going to an USRP system at Kodiak this summer, freeing a number of GC314 cards to act as spares. This radar is an imager and each transmitter will get a USRP ($2k). Ethan is planning to run a USRP channel in parallel with his card as a test, this might give us a template for transforming the older radars.

> Sessai asks for a standard ROS, or a reference for obtaining ROS. Towards this end, Kevin and Mike will query the tech people at the meeting for updates and assist in drawing up Executive Summary documents.

Charter and membership information

The Chair of the OS-WG is Mike Ruohoniemi (Virginia Tech) and the Co-Chair is Julian Thornhill (Leicester University). For a complete listing of the Charter and group membership, see the File Gallery item.

Basic Information

The Operating Sofware at the radars Working Group (OS-WG) was formed following the SuperDARN 2013 workshop at Moose Jaw. The software is that which is loaded onto the computers at the radar sites that issues commands to radar hardware and generates data files for download, i.e., rawacf files. The responsibilities of this group extend to assigning radar ids and coordinating with the Data Distribution Working Group (DD-WG) on the contents of the hdw.dat files.

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Files pertaining to the Operating Software Working Group

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Radar Operations Executive Summary

Radar InstitutionLink to Executive Summary
Blackstone Virginia Tech Blackstone Executive Summary (Google Docs)(external link)

Radar Operations Audit

An audit of SuperDARN radar operations can be found here. (Updated Oct. 2013)

Summary: A large number of OS systems are in play and more are under development.
The largest number are associated with older radars and those sourced from Leicester, which use QNX4 & timing computers and a version of ROS.
Rough tally of computer systems:
(13) QNX4 & timing computers
(10) QNX6 & Linux computers (MSI radars)
(6) QNX4 & Linux (U. Saskatchewan)
(2) All Linux (Australia)
Versions OF ROS in play include 4.1.25, 3.6, 1.25, 3.1 Beta
Next major development is the introduction of all-digital systems (Australia, UAF)