Rankin Inlet, Canada (62.82 N, -92.113 E)

The SuperDARN radar at Rankin Inlet began operations in May 2006 (corrected at SD Workshop 2012). It was the first polar radar constructed in the northern hemisphere; the University of Saskatchewan group calls these the 'PolarDARN' radars. Note that the data in our archive for Rankin Inlet does not start until June 1, 2007.

Announcement of operations in May 2006:
Good news! The PolarDARN Rankin Inlet radar is on the air. Engineer Jan Wiid went to Rankin Inlet on Tuesday and yesterday (Thursday, May 11), after a software fix by Dieter Andre and replacement by Jan of a a faulty chip in the pio board, the radar became fully operational. This morning, some 6 hours of data were available to examine, and the first results look very good with echoes up to and past the magnetic pole. Final testing is underway, and tomorrow (Saturday) Jan will shut the radar down while he performs some antenna tests. The good news is that the new wire antenna withstood a full winter of Rankin Inlet weather and appears to be operating well. We hope to be providing real-time data next week after Jan's testing is completed.
George Sofko and Jean-Pierre St.Maurice

Dr. Kathryn McWilliams is the PI of the Rankin Inlet radar.

Rankin Inlet Radar Field of View Map


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