SuperDARN - Van Allen Probes Coordination

SuperDARN - Van Allen Probe coordinations ended on Sept. 30, 2017 per agreement within the SuperDARN community. Conjunction plots until the end of October 2017 are shown here to show 5 full years of conjunctions. For any continued SuperDARN - Van Allen Probe conjunctions, please contact Kevin Sterne

A page for items relating to the coordination of SuperDARN radar observations with the Van Allen Probes (formerly the Radiation Belt Storm Probes, a.k.a. RBSP).

SWG Telecon - Apr 26 - Ruohoniemi

SuperDARN - Van Allen Probe Conjunctions
VAP Footpoint Plots - Rob Fear
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Spacecraft footpoints in the ionosphere what is this? (Movie)

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Footpoints show the end-points of the magnetic field lines on which the spacecraft is located. We use the Tsyganenko T96 model to follow field lines from the spacecraft position to each hemisphere.

The spacecrafts appear to perform a loop during each apogee: this is due to the spacecraft velocity falling below the Earth's rotation speed. The animation below shows the spacecraft (represented by a black dot) as it orbits the Earth and crosses magnetic field lines (in blue) over 24 hours. We also show the spacecraft footpoints.

It should also be noted that spacecraft B laps over A once each 2.5 month.

Note: Older versions of Internet Explorer will not display the foot-point map properly if at all... However you can obtain a pdf version by clicking the "Download PDF" button.
Note on ISR fields-of-view: FoVs are estimated based on a minimum elevation (6 degrees for MHO, 20 for EISCAT and 25 for all other ISRs) and a maximum altitude of 500km.