From the histogram, it can be seen where initially the rbspscan was run but transitioned into the tau version between November and December. Also, a distinction in the cpid as to whether the RBSP mode was a scheduled mode or a triggered mode was introduce in December. However, no triggered operations occurred until January which accounted for about 3.5% of the soundings for the Blackstone radar. During these months, several control programs tested in order to explore new operating modes that could become the usual mode on the Blackstone radar.

Image To make things a bit clearer, the Fort Hays East data was run as to what control programs where run for the same months. The results, shown in the figure to the right, show that the normalscan -fast mode ran for the majority of the month for each of the 3 months. Again, a distinct CPID for the triggered RBSP mode was not implemented until December, but does have a small appearance in January. Combining the triggered and scheduled times, the RBSP modes were run for less than 25% of the time during each month. In fact, in December when there were no triggered RBSP runs, the rbspscan ran for about 16.5% of the time on the Fort Hays East radar.

It is hoped that in the future that these kind of histograms can become a tool available on the web, but for now if you could like some information on the amount of time each radar is running please contact Kevin Sterne.