The Center for Space Science and Engineering Research at Virginia Tech (Space@VT) conducts research on Earth’s upper atmosphere and space environment using radars and collaborates with scientists and engineers at the JRO. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting possibility for hands-on experience at a major research facility in an exotic location, we suggest that you contact a member of the SuperDARN HF radar group (listed below) for an informal discussion. Please make this contact by January 17, 2014. No prior experience of radars or research is necessary; however, you should have a good record of coursework in E/M fields (ECE3105/3106) or equivalent. Skills in hardware or software are also a plus.

VT Contacts:

Prof. Michael SuperDARN HF radar group)
Prof. Jo SuperDARN HF radar group)
Mr. Nathaniel SuperDARN HF radar group)

PDF of 2014 Jicamarca REU Flyer