The students will work with staff engineers and scientists on projects related to ongoing research or instrumentation development programs. Research may be conducted in neutral atmospheric and ionospheric science as well as radar/radio instrumentation and software development. Given its location, frequency of operation, and array system, most Jicamarca Radio Observatory's research capabilities are unique. Besides the unique research capabilities where students are welcomed to propose and run their own experiments, Jicamarca offers a good opportunity to get hands-on-experience on different aspects of radar systems, from changing the antenna connections, improving RF components of the system, to develop sophisticated acquisition and processing programs. A side benefit of the program is that students will get to know Peru, heir to ancient cultures and rich colonial tradition.

This program is offered to junior/senior undergraduate and/or first and second year graduate students and will cover the travel expenses (to and from Lima) as well as a reasonable stipend. Given that the Observatory is located outside Lima city, transportation will be provided.