Teams of 3 will build their RocketSat from a kit in four days and launch it on sounding rocket to ~73 miles on the sixth day. The hardware in the kit will be able to be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights. Wallops will be providing the rocket and launch operations of the workshop. Wallops will also provide a tour and briefings on sounding rocket environments for future flights. We will also present their concept for standardized flight opportunities for future experiments. This workshop is not about building or learning to build rockets. It is about building and learning to build sounding rocket payloads. This workshop is being organized by the Colorado and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium. RockOn is being significantly funded by a grant from NASA Education and significant cost sharing from Wallops and the Colorado and Virginia Space Grant programs.

The RockOn 2008, 2009, and 2010 workshops were a huge success. 123 faculty and students from across the country attended and formed 41 teams. All payloads were completed in time allotted. All payloads were launched and recovered. All 41 payloads worked. The RockOn 2011 rocket will be a Terrier-Orion. An extra half day was added to the workshop this year and in 2009 based on lessons learned from the workshop in 2008. If you have any questions please contact Chris Koehler at or by phone at 303-492-3141.

Virginia Tech students are encouraged to contact a member of the VT SuperDARN laboratory if they have questions.
Dr. Mike Ruohoniemi
Dr. Jo Baker
Nathaniel Frissell

Flyer for RockOn !2011 Workshop(PDF)