PWING stands for study of dynamical variations of Particles and Waves in the INner magnetosphere using Ground-based network observations. The PI is Dr. Shiokawa-san of the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE/Nagoya University)

The complex of instruments installed by Shiokawa-san and his team for the PWING project includes:

-VLF antenna
-induction coil magnetometer

Installation of an all-sky camera is scheduled for Feb-March 2017.

The site for the installation is located near Moonbeam, a small town about 20 km east of Kapuskasing on the Trans-Canada highway.

PWING project:

The goal of the PWING project is collaborative research of the inner magnetosphere using ground-based instruments at auroral latitudes. See details at link)

The PSTEP project is also led by Nagoya University. The letters stand for Project for Solar-Terrestrial Environment Prediction. The PI is Dr. Kusano-sensei. Find out more at link)