CISM Space Weather Summer School
July 17-28 2017
NCAR Boulder, CO
Application Deadline: March 1 2017

The CISM Space Weather Summer School is intended to give students a
comprehensive immersion in the subject of space weather: what it is,
what it does, and what can be done about it. Space weather is many
things: beautiful when seen through the eyes of a sun-viewing
telescope, fascinating when studied for its alien worlds
of magnetic structures and phenomena, awesome when witnessed as a
solar eruption or auroral storm, and devastating to the users of
services it disrupts. Space weather links the Sun, the Earth, and the
space in between in a branching chain of consequences. Weather
systems on the Sun can spawn interplanetary storms of colossal size
and energy that envelop the whole planet in electrical hurricanes.
Such storms attack high-tech, complex, and expensive technological
systems that provide much of the infrastructure that allows modern
society to function.

Applications are welcome from upper level undergraduates and beginning
graduate students interested in pursuing a career in solar and space
physics, as well as professionals interested in broadening their
understanding of the space environment. The school will provide
support for travel and housing expenses for all US student

Course Overview
SW 101: Solar activity, solar wind, magnetosphere, and

SW 102: Effects on astronauts and spacecraft, radiation hazards,
communication disruptions

SW 103: Assumptions and drivers of models, results and limitations

SW 104: Hands on activities exploring model results and data to
understand the space environment.

For additional information on this program and instructions on how to
apply link)

Michael Wiltberger, Ph.D
3080 Center Green
Boulder, CO 80301
Ph: (303)497-1532
Fx: (303)497-2180