During this trip the rest of the reflector wires were strung across the west main reflector to complete the rebuild. In total the west reflector was down for around 7 months as the original damage occurred in Jan. 2017. This task was completed quickly as the weather during the early part of the trip was excellent for work at altitude. In addition, a dry spell had hit Hays in the weeks prior to this trip so the ground was firm and there were no problems driving around the site with the lift.

With extra time around the site with the lift, additional and extensive checks were made to the interferometer arrays which are often overlooked. Here a number of small issues were repaired including hanging one new reflector wire that had been broken and repaired several times before. With enough wire, a fresh wire was hung.

Lastly, the electronics (mostly transmitters) were checked over again to make sure everything was putting forward power as well as receiving the signals optimally.