The installation on the radar site side went very quickly as the mounting structure is ideally setup for this kind of setup. After the SPAREC system was setup, the azimuth was adjusted some to peak up the signal strength as the direct path may have not been the strongest.

The installation on the SPAREC side did not go as smoothly and took most of the day to do. A new mounting system was purchased prior to the trip that would require holes be drilled into the square pipe. This mounting system creates a short round pipe that U-bolts can clamp down to as seen in the picture here. However, drilling the holes into the square mast was slow going, mostly because none of the cordless drill batteries had been charged up prior to the trip. In the end, 3 bolts were installed allowing the two brackets to fairly well hold the antenna and radio to the square mast.

In addition to new antenna and radio, the SPAREC side received a new Ethernet cable that is shielded to help protect against nearby lightning strikes. While running this cable, the connector was slightly damaged creating some confusion before fixing the connector

Upon finishing up at the site, the radios appeared to be working decently, though a network connection was still troublesome at times. The RF link appeared to be strong through with the second RF strength LED lighting and at times the third one lighting up briefly. The old system, including antennas was carted back to the lab to investigate the condition of the systems.