Diagnostics and assessment was performed on the transmitters on transmit as well as on receive. Here most of the issues were minor and were quickly fixed. However, we did find two final amplifiers that had gone bad and were putting out fairly low power (< 50 W_peak). These final amplifiers were swapped with ones in spare transmitters that had other problems but good final amplifiers. In the end, all 16 transmitters were working well.

However, there are still a number of antennas or RF paths that have problems, so not all 16 transmitters could be powered up. Some general assessment and check was made of the antenna array to update the status of the array. We also noticed a little bit of damage or possible problems where the VT-SPAREC cattle were pulling on pieces of coax and grounding wires. A solution will need to be implemented in the near future to protect our cables and wires while allowing cattle to occasionally graze in the site. This will be tackled along with repairs to the antenna array during the next trip to possibly happen in early May.