A partial listing of VT-lead early-career posters contributed to the CEDAR 2019 Workshop follows:

DATAOl - Scheduling and Analysis Software for the LAICE Cubesat
Authors: Cameron Earle, Stephen Noel, Namrata Kedia

DATA04 - A deep Learning Based Approach to Predict the Onset of Magnetic Substorms
Authors: M. Maimaiti, B. Kunduri, J.M. Ruohoniemi, J.B. H. Baker

MDIT02 - A Study of Solar Flare Effects on Mid and High Latitude Radio Wave Propagation using SuperDARN
Authors: Chakraborty, S., J.M. Ruohoniemi, and J.B. H. Baker

MITC08 - An examination of inner-magnetosphere shielding by Region-2 Field-Aligned Currents
Authors: Kunduri, B., J.B. H. Baker, J.M. Ruohoniemi

SOLA01 - Empirically Guided Modeling of the Ionosphere With Ionosonde Measurment Comparisons of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Authors: Lee J. Kordella, Gregory D. Earle, Douglas P. Drob, Joseph D. Huba

SOLA04 - Analysis of the August 2017 Eclipse's Effect on Radio Wave Propagation Employing a Raytrace Algorithm
Authors: Magdalina Moses, Lee J. Kordella, Gregory D. Earle, Douglas Drob, Joseph D. Huba,
Shantanab Debchoudhury

SOLA05 - The Role of the Solar Soft X-ray Irradiance on Thermospheric Chemistry and Structure
Authors: Srimoyee Samaddar, Karthik Venkataramani, Scott Bailey

A listing of all CEDAR poster prize winners since inception of the contest in 1990 can be found at

https://cedarweb.vsp.ucar.edu/wiki/index.php/Workshop:Poster_Winners(external link)