Total salary cost will be > €38,000 for ESR (Early Stage Researcher, depending on location and mobility allowance), > €61,000 for ER (Experienced Researcher, depending on mobility allowance). These posts are available from August/September 2011 and will be offered on a fixed‐term contract for a period of up to 3 years. There are 13 posts available for applicants classed as Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and 1 for Experienced Researcher (ER). All applicants will have to comply with the Marie Curie Actions eligibility criteria (

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as the American GPS (Global Positioning System) and the Galileo system being developed in Europe, have a multi‐billion Euro world‐wide industry ‐ the EC has predicted an annual global market for GNSS of €300bn by 2020. The ionosphere can cause serious problems to GNSS satellites signals, in particular related to extreme solar events, as frequently reported in the media during times of high sunspot activity. The next solar maximum is predicted for 2013 and TRANSMIT aims to tackle the threat it will pose to GNSS, through an integrated programme of academic and industrial training, including a comprehensive set of courses and secondments. We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated scientists who will form a critical mass of top experts in this field in Europe and therefore become high flyer candidates for future employment in the related industry and academia.

Your background must be in a numerate subject such as Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or a closely related subject, and you must have a keen interest in disciplines such as Physics, Geophysics, Mathematics, Statistics, Modelling, Forecasting, Electronics, Signal Processing, Geodesy, Surveying, Mapping, Navigation, Imaging, Data Management, Data Assimilation, Geo‐informatics, Remote Sensing, Telecommunications. An ability to publish research papers and to present work at seminars, workshops and conferences is required. Experience in IT and computer programming, as well as a willingness to travel and undertake fieldwork are essential for these posts. Excellent communication and team work skills are also fundamental to the success of this project, which will include additional training that will equip the fellows for research in the modern academic world and to prepare them for interactions with industry.

TRANSMIT comprises a consortium of leading Universities and Research Centers in Europe, with associated partners from top European industry stakeholders, as well as industry and academia from as far afield as Brazil and Canada. TRANSMIT industrial partners will play a central role in the project and all researchers will be expected to undertake secondments which will facilitate meaningful interaction with them.

ESR candidates are expected to enroll on a PhD programme at the University or Research Institution where they will be employed.

For further information applicants should contact Prof Roman Galas (TRANSMIT Recruitment Manager, email: roman.galas@tu‐ ) or Dr Marcio Aquino (TRANSMIT Coordinator, email:
). Applicants should send CVs to Roman Galas indicating which position they are applying for, observing the Marie Curie Action rules for mobility.