Recommended form of acknowledgement for the use of SuperDARN data:

‘The authors acknowledge the use of SuperDARN data. SuperDARN is a collection of radars
funded by national scientific funding agencies of Australia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan,
Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.’


1) This text of this form of acknowledgement is taken from Appendix 10 of the SuperDARN
PI agreement, signed in 2012, and updated in 2017 with the additions of Italy and

2) This form of acknowledgement is most suitable when general use is made of SuperDARN
data without heavy emphasis on one particular radar or the radars of one PI group.

3) In the case of such emphasis, the author is encouraged to contact the relevant PI for
guidance on the most appropriate form of acknowledgement.

Recommended form of acknowledgement for the use of software from the Radar Software Toolkit and pyDARN:

See guidance provided by the SuperDARN Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG) at: link)