Heliophysics Summer School

Hosted by UCAR/CPAESS and Sponsored by NASA

Theme: Connecting the Heliosphere: Using Global Models to Connect In-situ and Remote Sensing Data Throughout the Heliosphere

Heliophysics relies on the data collected through in-situ instruments on spacecraft—such as Solar Probe, MMS, and DMSP—to provide point measurements, remote-sensing observations such as solar imagery from SDO and DKIST, and measurements of the upper atmosphere and space environment from ground-based radar and the GOLD spacecraft. Global models allow us to bridge the gap between these measurements and understand the implications for the whole system. This Summer School will explore the various types of models (global MHD, kinetic, and general circulation) across all the domains of heliophysics (solar, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and thermosphere/ionosphere) and their relationship to observations.