WHEN: April 27, 2012, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

WHERE: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

WHY: Student presenters are afforded the opportunity to gain experience with formal presentations, receive inputs on furthering their research, receive assistance on publishing their research, and have a springboard for their innovations to be viewed by a wide cross section of industry and government representatives who focus on national security needs. The judges and audience "tech reps" are given early insight to cutting edge technologies they can assist with further development, shepherd to meet internal mission goals, or provide expertise for project refinement or alternative uses. Engineering students are showcased providing abundant opportunity to be considered for follow-on internships or transition to enter the national security workforce. The general public audience is treated to the pinnacle of STEM educational evolution where tangible results of STEM educations are on display to additionally motivate primary and secondary students to pursue technical academic pursuits.

HOW: Industry, government, and Foundations have numerous ways to support this competition. Help us provide awareness of this event within your organizations and to the universities engaged in research serving national security. Provide us your own technical experts to assist our initial screening of project White Paper summaries to identify our top ten finalists. Attend the April 27, 2012 event to observe North America's most innovative university students present cutting edge technology research to meet national security needs. Show your leadership in STEM programs and innovation by sponsoring the event and the scholarships provided to the winning students.

Contact us at 719-577-9016. For more information, refer to www.NHDF.org(external link)

Virginia Tech competed very well at last year's competition. We look forward to seeing Virginia Tech in next year's competition.

National Security Innovation Competition
National Homeland Defense Foundation
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Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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