Title: Measuring the amount of open magnetic flux using AMPERE

Abstract: The region 1 (R1) and region 2 current systems typically form concentric rings of field-aligned currents in the polar ionospheres; we term the inner ring the R1 oval. We apply an automated fitting scheme to field-aligned current densities provided by the Active Magnetospheric and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment (AMPERE) and identify the latitude of maximum R1 current at all magnetic local times to yield the size of the R1 oval. We investigate the dynamics of the R1 oval size in response to geomagnetic activity, compare its location with those of precipitation boundaries identified in DMSP data, and thus show that AMPERE data can be condensed into a single parameter, the R1 oval size, which reflects magnetospheric dynamics and provides a convenient measure of the instantaneous magnetospheric system state in both hemispheres.


Directions to the VT SuperDARN Radar Lab and Seminar Room

Research Building 23, NCFL – Nanoscale Characterization Fabrication Lab
Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (CRC)
1991 Kraft Drive

If coming from campus, drive up Tech Center Drive into the CRC. Take a right on Kraft Drive, then, at the intersection of Kraft & Pratt, take a left onto the ‘driveway’ to Research Building 23. You will pass the large Life Sciences building on your left hand sign and a 10 mph speed limit sign. The NCFL is at the end of the parking lot and has ample parking in front.
The SuperDARN Lab is on the second floor, Suite 2019. Take a left after climbing the stairs or ascending in the elevator. The seminar room, Suite 2013, is immediately in front of you; the SuperDARN Lab is to the left at the end of the corridor. Note:
Jo Baker 540 231 3355
Mike Ruohoniemi 540 231 1482