Goose Bay Trip, June 2016

By: ksterne  on: Fri., Sep. 02, 2016 03:10 PM EDT  (1315 Reads)
The replacement of the ground coax is a longstanding project that needed to be completed at Goose Bay. In preparation for this project, a work order was placed with Serco to clear all the trees and brush that have taken over the antenna array grounds over the years.

Blackstone Trip, Jan. 2016

By: ksterne  on: Wed., Jan. 27, 2016 11:07 AM EST  (3349 Reads)
Shortly before the winter break, the internet connection to the radar site went down. Being patient since the availability of people to check on it would probably be low, the connection remained off over the two week winter break. However, our local contact was able to check on the connection for us and noted that the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power supply had melted and thus the internet connection was broken. The damage to the PoE unit and the RJ45 connector can be seen in the picture. In order to keep the linux computer’s hard drive from filling up, a trip to the radar site was made to restore the connection. In addition, this trip would be used to install the newly acquired and configured linux computer.

Blackstone Trip, Dec. 2015

By: ksterne  on: Tue., Dec. 22, 2015 02:38 PM EST  (3308 Reads)
With two visitors from the National Space Science Center (NSSC) in China visiting the Blacksburg lab for two weeks, a trip to the radar site was planned in order to show the visitors the operations and common testing of a working radar site. The visitors, Jiaojiao Zhang and Ailan Lan, as well as Muhammad Rafiq (VT doctoral candidate) and Kevin Sterne made a trip to the site in December. This trip would also serve as wrapping up some loose ends before the end of the year. These loose ends included reinstalling the SmartUPS that needed a new battery after it failed over the summer. Lastly, the Reverse Beacon Network receiver would be disassembled and taken back to the Blacksburg lab as the equipment had been setup on a temporary basis for testing at a radar site. The receiving antenna on top of a stack of antenna poles shortly before it was disassembled is seen in the picture.

Fort Hays Tune Up Trip, Nov. 2015

By: ksterne  on: Tue., Dec. 22, 2015 11:06 AM EST  (1804 Reads)
Following the August 2015 trip to the Fort Hays radar, it was noticed that the East radar appeared to be less sensitive than the West radar. Prior to the August trip, it was believed that this might be due to operating on fewer antennas on the East radar as compared to the West radar. However, with the major repairs done to replacing the antenna feeder cables during the August trip this reason would not apply. So a trip was made by Kevin Sterne to test other a few other theories on why the East radar was less sensitive. As well, during this trip efforts would be made in making measurements to understand the time delays through the electronics. These efforts would help the radars begin to collect sensible elevation angle data.

Kapuskasing Coaxial Upgrade - Oct. 2015

By: ksterne  on: Fri., Nov. 06, 2015 12:59 PM EST  (1783 Reads)
As part of an outstanding project to upgrade accessibility to the array as well as to improve the performance of the radar, the Kapuskasing radar had two major projects completed within the last couple of months. The first of these projects was improving the current road from the radar building to the main array road as well as creating a brand new road from the main array road out and along the interferometer array. The second project was replacing the aged coaxial cables that carry signals from the antennas to the radar building which was performed by Kevin Sterne and Mike Ruohoniemi in mid- to late-October 2015.

Goose Bay Riometer Installation - Oct. 2015

By: ksterne  on: Thu., Nov. 05, 2015 03:17 PM EST  (1912 Reads)
Over the Summer 2015 in talks between VT SuperDARN and University of Calgary groups, it was noticed that there was a gap in riometer coverage in the Labrador area. The University of Calgary group was interested in installing a riometer at the Goose Bay SuperDARN site in order to fill in this gap. After a few months of planning and coordination, a trip was made by Kevin Sterne (from VT) and Craig Unick (University of Calgary) to the Goose Bay site to install the riometer.
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