Blackstone Trip, March 2017

By: ksterne  on: Mon., Apr. 10, 2017 02:00 PM EDT  (1171 Reads)
Following the November 2016 trip, the correct size (5/8” rod) of CADweld mold was ordered in order to complete the grounding work that had been long overdue. However, winter cold and wet set in and so the work could not be completed until better temperatures arrived. In the month prior to this trip the internet connection to the site had been out for several days if not weeks at a time going on 3 to 4 weeks. So with these issues, a trip was planned to take care of these issues and make sure the radar was running fairly well (with known issues on the antennas).

SuperDARN 'Flags' map has been updated

By: miker  on: Fri., Apr. 07, 2017 11:06 AM EDT  (928 Reads)
The popular 'Flags' map showing the national affiliations of the SuperDARN radar sites has been updated to include Buckland Park (Australia), Hokkaido West (Japan), and Longyearbyen (Norway). The national funding agencies of ten countries now contribute to the operation of the SuperDARN collaboration.

Access the Flags map, fields of view map, and other resources via the 'Maps/Tables/Links' menu item or click link)

Image credit: Muhammad Rafiq (VT)
Dr. Philip Erickson and Dr. Anthea Coster from MIT Haystack Observatory will be visiting with the Virginia Tech SuperDARN HF radar group and Space@VT from Monday, March 20 until Wednesday, March 22. Please contact Mike or Wayne if you would like to arrange a time to meet with Phil or Anthea.

On Monday Phil will present an IGEP seminar in Remote Sensing entitled

'Sensing Earth's Ionosphere with Really Large Radars: How and Why'
Monday, 12:20 - 1:10 pm
Fralin Auditorium

Click 'Read More' to view Phil's abstract for the seminar.

2017 Space Weather REDI Summer Bootcamp at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

By: miker  on: Thu., Mar. 09, 2017 10:42 AM EST  (724 Reads)
This summer (June 6-16), take advantage of a unique free opportunity to explore the burgeoning field of space weather by joining the Space Weather REDI summer Bootcamp. Bootcamp, to be held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, includes two weeks of space weather tutorials led by the NASA GSFC scientists. The application deadline: April 20, 2017. For more information see the following websites: link) link)

A letter from a faculty member will be needed to complete the application. Contact Dr. Mike Ruohoniemi or any Space@VT faculty member for assistance.

Fort Hays Reflector Wire Repair Trip, Feb. 2017

By: ksterne  on: Mon., Feb. 27, 2017 01:38 PM EST  (1439 Reads)
Hays, KS sustained a major freezing rain and icing event in mid-January 2017. Following reports from FHSU student intern, Brett Chrisler, of significant damage to the West main antenna array a trip was made by engineer Kevin Sterne to assess the damage at the radar site. As well, this trip would be allow for preparations to be made for a future repair trip.

JRO International Research Experience in Peru, Summer 2017

By: miker  on: Tue., Feb. 07, 2017 12:09 PM EST  (765 Reads)
The Jicamarca Radio Observatory (JRO) located near Lima, Peru is the venue for a summer school in 2017 that is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Senior undergraduate and beginning graduate students with interests in atmospheric and ionospheric science and radar techniques, electronics, RF, instrumentation and computer science may apply. If you would like to discuss this possibility with interested VT faculty, contact Dr. Mike Ruohoniemi at or any faculty member in the Space@VT research center listed at link) The application deadline is February 16, 2017 and the JIREP web site is link)

For more details click 'Read more'

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