VT SuperDARN student Muhammad Rafiq successfully presented his Project and Report in support of earning a Master of Arts Degree in the Department of Statistics on May 2, 2019. The title of his presentation was 'Deep Learning Application to Predicting Onset of Magnetic Substorms'. The background to this unusual accomplishment is a special degree program at Virginia Tech that enables graduate students to take courses and earn degree credit in Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Muhammad was advised on the Statistics side by Dr. Leanna L. House and has worked most closely with Dr. Bharat Kunduri on applying ML techniques to the analysis of geospace datasets. Muhammad is simultaneously a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and has several radar-derived papers to his credit.

Congratulations, Muhammad!

(Photo credit: Dilraba Abla)


Paul Kennedy successfully defends his MSc thesis on Software Defined Radio

By: miker  on: Fri., May 03, 2019 04:55 PM EDT  (173 Reads)
VT SuperDARN student Paul Kennedy successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis on Friday, May 3 to an examining committee of four professors. Paul was advised on his thesis work by Drs. Mike Ruohoniemi and Jo Baker and has worked closely with other faculty members (Dr. Greg Earle, Dr. Bob McGwier, and Mr. Kevin Sterne). The title of his thesis is 'Design of Software Defined Radio for SuperDARN Radars'. Paul designed and built a receiver system based on Red Pitaya software designed radio and succesfully collected data with it using the interferometer array of the Blackstone radar. Paul is a repeat awardee of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (high school - undergraduate - graduate), has interned at MIT Lincoln Laboartory, and has distinguished himself in the field during working trips to several SuperDARN radars. He is planning to take up a position in research at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory this summer.

Congratulations, Paul!

(Photo credit: Dr. Xueling Shi)

Xueling Shi successfully defends her doctoral dissertation

By: miker  on: Wed., May 01, 2019 10:18 AM EDT  (267 Reads)
VT SuperDARN student Xueling Shi defended her doctoral disseration on Thursday, April 18 to an examining committee of six professors. Xueling is advised by Drs. Jo Baker and Mike Ruohoniemi. She is particularly well known for her work on ULF pulsations that combines observations from radars, satellites, and magnetometers and has developed many collaborations. Xueling arrived at Virginia Tech having graduated with her MSc from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing as a student of Prof. Tao Chen. During her time at Virginia Tech she won a prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship. The title of Xueling's thesis is 'Occurrence Statistics and Driving Mechanisms of Ionospheric Ultra-Low Frequency Waves Observed by SuperDARN Radars'.

Congratulations, Xueling!

(Photo credit: Dr. D. Lin)

Visiting scientists tour the site of the Blackstone radar

By: miker  on: Fri., Apr. 26, 2019 05:02 PM EDT  (285 Reads)
On April 25 a group of visitors was led by Kevin Sterne to make a tour of the Blackstone SuperDARN radar. Drs. Nozomu Nishitani and Tomo Hori and graduate student Kento Oya from ISEE Nagoya University were joined by Dr. Erxiao Liu from Hangzhou Dianzi University. The photograph shows the Japanese visitors with Kevin and towers of the two arrays and the equipment shelter in the background.

(Photo credit and missing from photo: Dr. Erxiao Liu)

Scientists from Nagoya University / ISEE visit the Virginia Tech SuperDARN group

By: miker  on: Thu., Apr. 25, 2019 03:09 PM EDT  (222 Reads)
The VT SuperDARN group is hosting a one-week visit by colleagues from the SuperDARN group at the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE) Nagoya University. The visitors are Dr. Nozomu Nishitani (SuperDARN PI), Dr. Tomo Hori, and Mr. Kento Oya (graduate student). Shared research interests, radar operations and planning for the SuperDARN collaboration are being discussed. Drs. Nishitani and Hori made presentations to the Space@VT graduate student seminar on April 23. All three participated in a trip to the site of the Blackstone radar lead by Mr. Kevin Sterne. Our visitors were greeted by the new director of Space@VT, Prof. Scott Bailey.
Welcome Nozomu, Tomo, and Kento!
(Shown in photo: Bharat Kunduri, Jo Baker, Mike Ruohoniemi, Scott Bailey, Nozomu Nishitani, Tomo Hori, Kento Oya, Kevin Sterne)
Photo credit: Dr. Xueling Shi

SuperDARN 2019 Workshop to be held at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan, June 2-7, 2019

By: miker  on: Sun., Apr. 14, 2019 11:45 AM EDT  (814 Reads)
Dr.Tsutomu Nagatsuma has announced that the web site is open for registration and submission of abstracts to the 2019 SuperDARN Workshop which will be held at the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa in Fujiyoshida, Japan, June 2-7, 2019. The Workshop is sponsored by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), the Nagoya University Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), the International Center for Space Weather Science and Education Kyushu University (ICSWSE), and the University of Electro-Communications (UEC). The Workshop website is http://superdarn2019.nict.go.jp/.(external link) Note the following due dates:
Early bird registration: April 27
Accomodation booking: April 28

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