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Issue #1 Incorrectly named multi-channel files: CLOSED

Published by ksterne on Fri., May 02, 2014 03:11 PM EDT
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During the change over from JHU/APL to Virginia Tech, it was noticed that the UAF radars using multi-channel operations were producing files with a rrr.c.rawacf filenaming convention where rrr is the 3 letter radar code and c is the channel letter. However, files being sent from JHU/APL to the University of Saskatchewan were using the standard SuperDARN filenaming convention of rrr.rawacf. Upon looking at the dmap record, these files from JHU/APL were being run through a "fix rawacf" routine and the channel information was lost.

Here the DDWG resolved what files needed to be replaced in "master" data sets so that the channel information of the UAF radars was preserved. The files were reposted by UAF for University of Saskatchewan to download the corrected files. These files were then posted on the data mirror operated by the University of Saskatchewan

With this action, the issue was marked closed.

Action Items

□ All rawacf files listed in "incorrectly_named_files.txt" should be removed from your data repo if you have them.

□ All rawacf files listed in "ade_hd_no_chan.txt", "adw_hd_no_chan.txt", "kod_no_chan.txt" and "mcm_hd_no_chan.txt" should be removed from your data repo if you have them.

□ Synchronize to the mirror, as the files removed in 1) and 2) above are replaced by the correctly labeled ones (i.e. they now have the proper channel designator 'a','b','c' and/or 'd').

□ The files listed in kod_jan_2012_fix.txt have been fixed on the mirror, so if you synchronize, you will get the fixed kod files with appropriate channel designators. The files listed in kod_jan_2012_nofix.txt were removed from the mirror as there was no way to determine their correct channel designator. Remove them from your repositories if you have them.

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