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Issue # 2 - Hard Disks and differences in rawacf files [Reopened]

Published by ksterne on Fri., May 02, 2014 03:37 PM EDT
DDWG Mailing list link: link)

Update: April 8, 2015

Today, files from 201303 Hokkaido have been updated on the mirror with the original file.
Please update your repositories and re-produce secondary data products.

Kevin K.

Update: April 2, 2015

Again I have updated many files on the mirror with the original file provided by Kevin Sterne rather than the 'fixrawacf' version.
Please synchronize and update your secondary data products when you get the new files.
The files updated are for April 2013 through August 2013 (there were none after August), 2012, and January to February of 2011.

Kevin Krieger

Along with those updates, there were some files that were found empty on the mirror, and they have been removed as well as blacklisted.
If there ever appears a file from the list that isn't empty, then we will of course place it on the mirror.

Kevin K.

Update: July 23, 2014

Kevin Sterne has reopened this issue after finding more and more differences here. Proposing that files without "fixrawacf" be posted on the USask data mirror if another more informative files exists. Even if it is just a change in the origin.command and origin.time variables, it may be more informative.

A list of files that Kevin has found that do not have "fixrawacf" was sent to the list and is posted below as vt_mirror_clash.txt.


This issue was raised as a much more general and board discussion of differences between files at various institutions. This followed issue #1 in which it was found that data from a few of the University of Alaska radars was being distributed as a different version than as what had been collected at the radar.

The discussion here got into a few details about special variables being contained in a few radars dmap records and not all of the records. However, some of these values depend on hdw.dat files so it seemed more of a problem of not having the correct hdw.dat file for a particular radar. It was brought up that a new hdw.dat repository had been started up and can be found here: link)

Kevin Krieger at University Saskatchewan, and Kevin Sterne at Virginia Tech noted they were posting the latest version of their radars hdw.dat files to the github repository.

Action Items

□ Start contributing updates to hdw.dat files by following the instructions found at:

□ Update your institutions hdw.dat file

□ Remind everyone at the upcoming SuperDARN workshop about the importance of using the github repository.

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