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Issue # 3 - Corrected Canadian Data

Published by ksterne on Fri., May 09, 2014 04:34 PM EDT
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Issue #3 relates to Canadian data that had incorrect first range parameters in the rawacf file.
This was corrected with a modification to the first range. Specifically, the parameters prm.lagfr and prm.frang were changed to 1500 and 225 respectively.

Below is a list of affected rawacf files. They have since been placed on the mirror as of April 25th 2014 and can be downloaded.

Update 8/04/2014

Additional files needing correction were identified by the Virginia Tech group and reported by Kevin Sterne. These files are only with Saskatoon (sas) and span between (and including) 20120201.00 to 20120331.22. Corrected files from this period have been posted on the mirror. The text file below has been updated with these filenames.

We are working on finding other possibly affected files and will advise.

Update 9/18/2014

Following a tangent discussion, the code that was used to fix the files here was posted to the DDWG listserv. These two files can be found in the supplemental materials below.

Action Items

□ Re-sync inv, pgr, rkn & sas rawacf files from 20100930 to 20110831 with the USask data mirror

□ Re-sync sas rawacf files from 20120201 to 20120331 with the USask data mirror

□ Reprocess any subsequent data products such as fitacf, grd, & map

Supplemental Material