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Issue #9: Empty/blacklisted 2013 han, kod files

Published by ksterne on Thu., Feb. 04, 2016 11:33 AM EST
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Thanks Simon,

You are correct, they were already in the blacklist! Oh well, doesn't hurt to remind people.

I have found two files that were 'empty' (size 14) that were on the usask mirror.
They are:

They have been removed and blacklisted. If you have these files and they are not empty, please let me know and we can get the non-empty version on the mirrors.


Originally this thread started about blacklisting empty cve, cvw files from 20131018. But Simon Shepherd pointed out that these files should have already been blacklisted and removed from circulation. Kevin K.'s reply is shown above.

Action Items
□ Check for these two files in data archive to see if a non-empty file exists.
□ If these files are empty in data archive, remove the two files.