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Issue #11: Incorrectly labelled bpk/hal data

Published by ksterne on Thu., Feb. 04, 2016 11:46 AM EST
DDWG mailing list link: link)

Hello DDWG,

There are 5 files that were incorrectly labelled as bpk data, but contained hal data.

They are:

c56ce437c4fc49fa65063753db12f7a5ba4d2e9d 20160119.1440.40.bpk.rawacf.bz2
6e2264a317f7aedcf78870e7e78d079a1d7f3933 20160119.1602.00.bpk.rawacf.bz2
0910834ff01bc0b6edbb50110543c8eae8c5f484 20160119.1802.00.bpk.rawacf.bz2
cf210e0c97c02d33114c7a8c9b67394a162444e5 20160119.2002.00.bpk.rawacf.bz2
82ff6ec5fd6c707672a943a5ad186f5e539867fd 20160119.2202.00.bpk.rawacf.bz2

The files have been removed from the usask mirror, and placed in the blacklist. Please remove these from your repositories.

They were on the usask mirror from approximately 12:00 UTC January 24th 2016, and removed at approx 21:00 UTC January 26th 2016.


Kevin Krieger​

Action Items
□ Remove the listed files if they are in your archive