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Issue #36: BPK file time error

Published by ksterne on Tue., Oct. 22, 2019 04:28 PM EDT
I've been in contact with John Devlin to bring up a file issue with the Buckland Park radar. There's a file (20190729.0400.00.bpk.rawacf*) that has likely on the mirrors (sorry for not checking here before hand) that needs to be removed. This file has some timing issues where the timestamps for the records start a few hours later than the 04 UTC in the filename. I came across this originally as this file was processing into fitacf and fitex files, but breaking during the fitacf3 processing.

John Devlin has noted to throw this file out as it's likely due to an error in the python ROS at the Buckland Park radar. It is possible there are other files around this one that have inconsistent filename - content times, but I have not looked at this closer. Something to come back to or someone else could look at on this list. Again, motivation for this file is an error when processing into fitacf3 (even though this is a non-standard file type).

-Kevin S.

Action Items:
□ Remove 20190729.0400.00.bpk.rawacf* file from local archives
□ Remove any fit-level data products that may contain erroneous data
□ Reprocess grid and higher data products based on this file
□ Search for other files in this time that may have errors.