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Issue #38: Clyde River borealis files removed

Published by ksterne on Fri., Jan. 24, 2020 12:51 PM EST
Hello DDWG,

We just arrived back in Saskatoon after installing the new Borealis
system at the Clyde River SuperDARN. We inadvertently let the resulting
Borealis RAWACF files with our naming convention onto the Globus mirror.
They've now been removed (as of 10 minutes ago).

Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you, they will not be
placed on the mirror again until a resolution is found/agreement is made
upon the naming convention. See attached for the list of files removed.

Kevin Krieger

Action Items:
□ Remove mid-January 2020 cly rawacf files.
□ Remove any secondardy data products from these rawacf files.

Supplemental Material: